My degree is in Speech Communication, but don't let that fool you, I can also write. Take that last sentence, for example. I wrote that. And this one, too!


Still not convinced, try these lovely writing samples below.  



By Chris Gummert

One day when my ship comes in

I'll jump on and sail out again

Leaving all my worry and woe behind me


Smooth sailing through open seas

I'll do what I want and say what I please

Throw off those chains and finally live free


I know that  my time will come

But you gotta walk before you can run


I can't wait to be happy

Feel the sunshine on my face

I can't wait to be happy

Take a break and get out of the race

I can't wait to be happy

And I know you know it's true

I can't wait to be happy

But I do


When I have the time I don't have the money

Life always seems to get in the way

But maybe one day if the stars align it will all work out fine

And I'll say,  "This will be my day"


You ought to try it just once in your life

I've never been but the brochure looks nice

Maybe just a little too nice for me


'Cuz living easy's a cross to bear

A nice place to visit but I could never live there

It's somewhere to go but it's no place to be


I thought that my time would come

But nothing's harder than having fun


I can't wait to be happy

I got too much on my plate

I can't wait to be happy

But patience comes to those who wait

So I wait to be happy

And you know you do it too

We all wait to be happy

Sad but true