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Our college is one of the few schools left that still teaches practical compounding – a hands-on approach where students are in the lab mixing and creating. This art of compounding is not going away, yet students at other colleges are only getting a theoretical grounding in compounding. For students at other colleges, the first time they actually set foot into a compounding lab will be at their job.

But not here.


The UIC College of Pharmacy is committed to the future of compounding and, with the help of a large donation from the Foglia Family Foundation, we are kick-starting a campaign to renovate our existing compounding lab and add sterile compounding spaces to the lab as well.


"This new lab will place a big focus on modern formulations and where compounding pharmacy is going,” Dean Jerry Bauman says.

The compounding lab will continue to be used as a training facility for pharmacists working in the UIC Medical Center, Bauman adds, while the renovated space also has the potential to draw other industry groups seeking a comprehensive training space.


“With such a modern facility, there are just so many more possibilities for the College and our students,” Bauman says.

Welcome to the future of compounding pharmacy. This is where the real opportunity begins.


Renovating the lab was just the foundation on which we will build world-class pharmacists. Help us build upon that foundation by filling the

lab with items that will be utilized everyday. We still need everything from little things like electronic balances to major purchases like airflow hood. With your help we can make this amazing facility all the more spectacular.


You have a chance to impact generations of UIC Pharmacy students with your donation. We hope you’ll do your part for the future of compounding pharmacy.

Dr. Jerry Bauman

Dean of the UIC College of Pharmacy


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